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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  December 8, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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traffic near the coliseum in both directions is moving well. let's go to pam. dozens of defiant protesters remain here and do not want to leave justin herman plaza. >> reporter: there are still a handful of protesters here, they have sleeping bags but no tents. we are told a few hours ago a few people tried to put up tents. there were three tents up at about 3:00 last night, police came in and tried to move those tents. we spoke to one protester who took off running down the street, they took off after him and they took away his tent.
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they are not allowing them to reoccupy the area, take a look at the ground. they saw them here washing things down cleaning things up, trying to keep it clean after yesterday's raid that cleared out the encampment. i want to look at market street because when you when we talk about -- when we talk about trying to reoccupy there are several police cars parked up and down market street but one thing we did notice, two blocks away there is a federal reserve building. there are a couple dozen people out there sleeping, again no tents but sleeping bags and that seems to be the place where police are drawing the line. you can sleep there, but you cannot put up attend. they are not allowing -- put up
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a tenth. they are not allowing that. at the general assembly they talked about whether they would try to put up tents but a lot of people said they didn't want their tents taken away so at this point whether they will try to reestablish their tent city that remains to be seen. where are they all now? somebody told me he walked up and down market street in the seven 11 areas. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. the city has already spent nearly $1 million controlling and cleaning up the occupied camp. that number is expected to grow as police will continue to make
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sure that occupied protesters do not reoccupy the area. here is more. the department has unloaded dozens of video and audio files onto the city's website. now the clips show several demonstrations over the past few months. one shows protesters crowding around a police officer with a baton. there are others with transcripts as a response to accusations of excessive force. we will bring it to you on our website with more on they plan on meeting today to discuss the sudden death of a football player in the bay area. he graduated from oakland tech was originally from richmond virginia. he was later pronounced dead at
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the hospital, sunday would have been his 20th birthday. we will hear arguments on two of the legal issues surrounding proposition 8. now supporters want the court to set aside last year's ruling that declared proposition 8 unconstitutional. they say the ruling should not stand because the judge who made it did not disclose that he was in a long-term same sex relationship. the court will also hear whether rulings on whether video of that ruling should be heard. now the backers of the recall petition have until may 14th to gather the nearly 20,000 signatures needed to qualify the measure for the ballot to recall mayor jean quan. a second group has also filed a petition with the office.
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they will determine whether they can have two recall groups at the same time. parents of a toddler critically wounded from a toddler are now making a request. he was shot while in the arms of his father. doctors in oakland say the boy is brain dead and he should be removed from life support because he will not likely survive. but his parents are asking for more time and looking for a second opinion from another medical team. >> doctors said he would not make it out of surgery and now they are saying he is still not going to make it but he is showing progress. >> he was the most critically wounded of the people who were shot outside a liquor store two
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weeks ago. they tored the house where a canon ball came crashing down and a television host discussed his fears of what would happen when experimenting with high powered explosives. at&t wants to install 80 intent inch ands -- antennas to boost coverage on the city. the city's architecture review board reviewed this and today they are supposed to reveal alternative designs since that meeting. wood burning is not allowed because the smoke can create unhealthy conditions. anybody caught violating the
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ban could face fines. people should take public transportation this morning, right sal? yes, and bart is doing well this morning and if you are getting out on the road, if you drive there is not a lot of idling traffic but the pollution from your car is way lower and if you are idling that is when pollution gets out. if you want to drive soon, it should be a nice drive getting to the bay bridge area and beyond that. most of the road work we have around the bay is not causing any significant delays. we have a lane closed there and one closed there but no delays as a result of that road work. notice in san jose there is a christmas tree on the right- hand side and i didn't see it
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before but it will be up there for the next month or so, so merry christmas to you if you put that tree up thank you very much. northbound 1010 on -- 101 on 17 is looking good, here is steve. good morning. just a tiny change, some patchy fog, a system slicing by and it will not do too much, but it has increased things just a little bit, just a little bit and that's going to help with the patchy fog. 29 degrees and it is cold out there. patchy fog, there is some on the coast too. visibility is not that bad but it can get lousy. i have a north wind at 5 and it puts the windchill at 23. so if you are hanging out at the napa airport it is cold.
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37 in oakland by the way, 37 in oakland. look at that, you can look at that and say steve i don't see anything, but maybe next week there will be a hint of something but i am not sold on any rain just yet. in san jose, heatwave down there, 60 degrees, not much change if anything, the lows should start to come up a little bit. we will get more of a westerly breeze and we will have partly cloudy skies here tuesday or wednesday but that's about it, pam. bodies dumped in a landfill. why the scandal may be worse than originally thought. and the reason some fear the sudden deaths of two family pets in san francisco is no accident. traffic looks good heading out to the high-rise, another
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update on the morning commute is straight ahead.
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. good morning, well some fog out there, 20 and 30s, a few upper 50s to near 60 degrees. crews in nevada plan to return to a deadly helicopter crash that killed five people. their job is especially
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difficult because the crash site is in a remote area. the helicopter crashed while it was conducting a tour of the hoover dam. it is still unknown what went wrong. the washington post says the military sent the incinerated partial ashes of 274 american troops to a virginia landfill. that is more than the military originally acknowledged. the families of the dead thought the bodies were being disposed of in a dignified manner. program hosts, adam savage and jamie toured the damaged area yesterday, they were conducting one of their famous experiments yesterday afternoon when a 30-pound cast iron canon
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ball miss fired at the bomb range. >> we have been doing things safely for nine years and you always fear that something you don't expect is going to happen and you really try and think through all the worst case scenarios and we have just added a new one to the roster. >> now the myth busters do not know what went wrong. they will pay for all the damages and the bomb range is closed now pending a new investigation. they are looking into the possible poisoning of two family pets. the family said their cat and dog suddenly started vomiting and having seizures on sunday. both pets were rushed to an area hospital where they died within a few hours. one had methadone in his body which commonly used to treat heroin addiction. >> i truly hope nothing like
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this ever happens to any other animals in our neighborhood. now the family says both pets were in good condition and if this is a purposeful poisoning whoever did it will face felony charges. somebody tampered with three self check out machines at three bay area stores. it happened on november 23rd. and somebody withdrew $300 from one person's account and the accounts of two of her family members. >> i think it is horrible, especially a few weeks before christmas, a few people had money withdrawn from their accounts and i don't feel safe using my debit card anywhere
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now. >> anybody who used these areas should check and close their accounts. in the u.s. 23,000 square foot emporium will open to new york's grand central station. take a look, it draws three quarters of a million people every day and this will give them more reason to spend time there and visit other businesses as well. it continues to widen in california. less than half of all families fall into middle-class designation. they define middle-class as families earning between 44,000 and 1 55,000 dollars a year. that report says just 49% of california families are in that category. 6 5% were considered middle-
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class in 1980. small businesses are getting new hope from two new sources. they will provide matching capital to early stage businesses looking for startup money. they are providing more than $1 billion in services to three companies in the next few years. that will include free software as well as free legal services. they have extend 10% pay cuts and now pay cuts were set to be done in november. the city cocil will have to give approval and the cuts are how supposed to prevent layoffs of police officers next year according to the police officers association. berkeley is concerned about an increase in prostitution and many of those reports are
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coming from berkeley high school. the school gives them one to two referrals a month about suspected prostitution. they are trying to find a solution to the problem. >> it is a big issue because they are youth, they are young people and it is a sensitive tragic situation so we are very concerned about it. >> the city is proposing a task force to help provide services to the girls being traffic vicked and exploit -- trafficked and exploited. two more people came forward accusing jerry sandusky of unlawful conduct with a minor. all together he now faces more than 50 counts of child molestation but police believe there may be more alleged victims. his charity that deals with at
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risk children is cutting staff due to a drop in donations. former illinois governor rod blagojevich has until february 16th to report to prison. he will have to serve 14 years behind bars for multiple counts of corruption including trying to sell president barack obama's senate seat. he said he made terrible mistakes and will have to serve at least 12 years in prison before being allowed to be released. now city council approved three permits for three dispensaries this week. the ruling comes after federal prosecutors will no longer turn a blind eye to people and they believe it is unfair to people waiting to open their
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businesses. girls will have to wait until they are 17 to get a prescription for plan "b." until yesterday they were planning on lifting the age restrictions but they ordered the fda to halt their plans. the secretary said it was not clear if plan "b" can be used safely for girls of all ages. plan "b" is a pill used that is taken after having sexual relations. it has never been seen before, what scientists discovered on mars which is considered a monumental find.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 news, folsom guards found weapons which involved 50 prisoners. they used weapons to get the inmates under control. nine inmates were wounded and in the hospital. four are back behind bars this morning. one person was crushed to death in an elevator accident. firefighters say she tried to crawl out of the elevator on her own when it suddenly shifted down and crushed her. several agencies are investigating what went wrong. they have new evidence of what was once water on mars. it is known as givensome and a
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new object -- givensome and water rose to the surface causing a chemical reaction that created this substance. scientists say they have seen nothing else like this on mars. let's go to sal for the early morning commute, how is it looking sal? if you can take a look at northbound 101, pardon me i had something stuck there, getting up to the split, there are no major problems this morning but if you are driving on southbound 101 it is looking good. this is a look at the west bay bridge and traffic is moving nicely and there are no visibility problems on any of the bay area bridgeels including the dumbarton or san mateo, it is a very nice drive and no major problems. bart, 21 trains running on time now with no problems there.
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if you are driving in hayward city, just a little bit of slow traffic approaching 192 and no major problems on westbound 192 all across to 101 everything is moving nicely. heading southbound on 680 and the bridge, i guess we will ask steve about this, there is a report of a little bit of fog on the bridge between toll plaza and willow. we have to double check with steve -- oh it may have been, there there is some -- there is some fog showing up -- >> oh good, it was unusual, let's go to steve. thanks, sal. we have a pattern which is dry and it has changed a little bit and there is a weak system coming in and mostly clear skies, lows again are in the
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20s and 30s. our dry december continues and there are some hints next week a system may drop in and i still think it will go towards the sierra but this pattern is not showing any signs for me. patchy fog is back and if i am talking about patchy fog i don't have much to talk about. there is a little system there but we have some on the north bay even on the coast but there is also some patchy fog just hanging around. 29 napa airport because of some fog there in santa rosa and the air mass is juicing up a little bit. 46 in san francisco, livermore down to 31 and once this little system washes out we will have sunshine. with the haze we are not getting much wind and we have high pressure which is holding on for a while.
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mostly sunny a cold morning, forecasted highs, 50s to near 60, san jose, sunny veil a lot of upper 50s, concord 60 degrees. we have a very quiet pattern may be a little more on the overnight lows with patchy fog. >> thank you, steve. occupied protesters, what protesters are trying to do this morning. and the shocking death of a college athlete who graduated from away area high school, tie with us -- stay with us, we will be right back.
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. a strong police presence remains as a handful of protesters remains at the cleared out justin herman plaza. an athlete suddenly collapses at his college gym we will have the details. and is somebody poisoning pets in a san francisco neighborhood? that's all ahead on ktvu channel


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